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History of Culinary Arts From Past To Present

History of Culinary Arts

Over the past fifty years or so, many people have considered fine dining an art. The topic of prepping and cooking the food is known as culinary art. The history of culinary arts began as a result of the recognition of the opening of the first cooking school in Boston in the nineteenth century. One of the first students there, Fannie Merrit Farmer, put together a cookbook that is amazingly in print still today.

In past generations, cooking the meals was just another mundane chore or at best, an expensive hobby. There are now famous culinary colleges all over the world. The new history of culinary arts includes many famous highly skilled chefs all sharing the passion for cooking that has built a multibillion-dollar business. Thankfully, these chefs share their passion and vision with those who want to learn and develop their own skills.

We owe thanks to James Beard who changed the history of culinary arts in 1946 by being the first person to use television as a tool to showcase cooking. As a result, he is known as the father of American cooking. Julia Child followed in the sixties when she discovered her love of French cuisine and wanted to share it with the American public. Until then, the only way to learn was to obtain an apprenticeship with an experienced chef.

Due to the growing interest in having a career in the culinary arts, schools began to form with courses and entire curriculum dedicated to the art of cooking were introduced.

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